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Has a variety of specialized and advanced bearing production equipment and instrument, through joint venture, cooperation, comprehensive transplantation of Europe's most advanced bearing production process, with brand new grinding, lubrication and sealing technology, design, research and development as the goal, making standard bearings and non-standard bearings, realize the localization of imported bearings. Finally realize Bearing quality and technology fully replace imported bearings.inch tapered bearing, slewing bearing, subdivision bearing and so on. Products are widely used in metallurgy, mining, oil, water, cement, paper, rolling mill, chemical industry, engineering machinery, heavy machinery, plastic machinery, rubber machinery, and other industries. SEMRI products are mainly exported to Europe and America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions. The newly built precision workshop can produce high speed precision with low noise bearings used in machine tool spindle, middle-large motor, Precision rolling mill, and other precision machinery, to replace imported or make up for insufficient of domestic production, save costs for the user, reduce the purchase cycle, contributing to the industry development and technology progress.Has a perfect quality system, strictly control the quality of products. With excellent equipment, advanced management system, High level of technology, professional researchers to provide the best quality assurance. To become one of the leaders of the bearing and motor field , looking forward to working with friends around the world together to create more brilliant.H

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